Luxury in high definition

LUXE.TV is the worldwide leading channel entirely dedicated to the world of luxury and art of living, broadcast in UHD 4K, HD or SD, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs are entirely broadcasted in English and French, and a substantial part in Mandarin and Russian. LUXE.TV have more than 44 million subscribers in 127 countries. LUXE.TV is distributed on 4 continents, in Europe, Asia, Africa and in North America. LUXE.TV provides short documentary style programs, exclusively filmed, edited and broadcast in HD, except where local CATV or IPTV distributors convert to SD format. And since June 2016, LUXE.TV’s Ultra HD 4K version is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to operators throughout the world.

LUXE.TV - Programs

Every week from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, LUXE.TODAY reports on news from the world of luxury and lifestyle, alternating with DESTINATION Over the weekend from Friday to Sunday, there is an 8-hour loop of programs containing a "best of" selection of the week's best lifestyle and DESTINATION reports from around the world.

LUXE.TODAY: Daily, news items about luxury and lifestyle, divided into 14 themes:

Glamorous Events - Cannes Film Festival, Baselworld, the Motor Show, all the major events in the world of luxury and lifestyle
Collectible Timepieces - A theme for the watch lovers
Gastronomy - From local produce to starred restaurants, discover culinary delights
Luxury and Trends - From shoes to bags via jewelry and make-up, all the latest trends of today and tomorrow
Incredible Yachts - Concept, prototype, new yacht or sailboat, be amazed at these mind-blowing vessels
Luxury and Kids - The version of luxury for the little ones
Fashion Shows - Explore the catwalks of the most glamorous capitals
Fabulous Cars - From vintage cars to latest concept cars, delve into the world of the most beautiful bodyworks
Amazing Hightech - The latest news in technology and high-end gadgets
Design and Highlights - All the innovations from the world of Design, Arts and Culture
Fine Lingerie - The finest selection of lingerie by the most prestigious brands
Exotic Places and Hospitality - Discovery and escape to the four corners of the world Celebrities and Red Carpet - Enjoy red carpets events, festivals and ceremonies

DESTINATION: Topics include hotels, museums, shopping, arts & crafts and gastronomy, all centered around a city, a region or a country.

LUXE.THISWEEK: During the weekends, LUXE.THISWEEK presents "best of" compilation from the week's reports from LUXE.TODAY, alternating with DESTINATION.

BEST OF WEB: Every day during the week, after the LUXE.TODAY reports, the "Best of Web" program will show the 5 most watched video on our website, via our iPad, iPhone and other mobile apps. The reports will be broadcast from the following day in descending order of preference. A chance to catch up on or watch again on a big screen, the most favored reports from the web.

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